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Helps Acid reflux

Because it has a good acid buffering impact, alkaline water with a pH of 8.0 to 10.0 can help reduce acid reflux

Improves Bone Health

Bone strength improves when there is less bone resorption and increased mineral density. Thus, Ionized Alkaline water rich in minerals helps improve bone health.

Improves Detoxification

Ionized Alkaline water has the ability to get rid of acidic waste accumulated in tissues due to negative ions created by electrolysis, and smaller water clusters for better penetration.

Super - Hydrated Skin

Ionized Alkaline water has a smaller water cluster size, which penetrates cells faster and hydrates the body from within. It delivers nutrients and oxygen to the cells more efficiently.

Helps to Re-energize Body

Ionized Alkaline water is rich in ions and ionized alkaline minerals. When consumed, the cellular water environment within the human body improves. The health and well-being will improve.

Slows down the Aging Process

Drinking ionized alkaline water helps the immune system send antibodies to cells rapidly and effectively using smaller clusters of water molecules, slowing the aging process

Helps in Arthritis

In patients with rheumatoid arthritis, drinking ionized alkaline water decreases oxidative stress and disease activity.

Helps in Heart Problems

Drinking hydrogen-rich ionized alkaline water helps prevent and treat heart disease. Hydrogen reduces oxidative stress and improves cardiac function by suppressing inflammation.

Helps in Weight Loss

Ionized Alkaline water helps to wash out acid blockages, allowing fat cells to be removed from our bodies more rapidly and effectively. Drinking hydrogen water prevents and reverses the adverse effects of metabolism and oxidative stress. Ionized Alkaline water lowers bad cholesterol and helps in weight loss.

Daily Skin Care

Without using chemicals, ionized alkaline water works as a natural astringent and improves the skin's appearance by eliminating impurities and oil.

Hair Care

Ionized Acidic water, when used to rinse and wash the hair, can help to reduce dandruff on the scalp

Oral care

When brushing teeth, use it as an oral cleanser to kill germs, as gargling with it helps to soothe sore throats, and as an oral cleanser to kill bacteria.


Good for cleaning hands. Aids in the healing of cuts, minor wounds, bug bites, fungal infections, and rashes.


Pathogens are killed on contact with strong ionized acidic water with a pH of 3.0 or less, which can be used to disinfect kitchen utensils and other household surfaces.


Washing fruits, vegetables, and meat with ionized acidic water effectively kills bacteria.

Plant Care

Watering plants with ionized acidic water ensures growth, prevents pests, and increases the lifespan of cut flowers.