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About The H Water

“THE H WATER” is a leading Indian manufacturer of alkaline water ionizer machines, which can be used for residential and commercial purposes.

We are a dynamic team of expert and hardworking professionals. Our products are sold all over India, and we're working hard to expand our region and reach out to more individuals.

In recent years, we've seen an increase in customer awareness, market growth, and sales. To close the gap between ourselves and the market and incorporate the market's diverse demands into our new products, we will continue to strengthen our R&D resources and provide better service to more people.

We focus on innovation. Our R&D department strives to meet client needs while also developing eco-friendly products. We continue to improve the use and trustworthiness of our products, as well as the safety of Ionized Alkaline water for human consumption.

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Our Managing Board

Daniel Marlen CEO, Purican
Richard Billiam Chief Exicutive
Machen Rosala CEO, Purican

Natural Ionized Alkaline Water Transformer

What the Ionization process does:
  • It converts any water into delicious Ionized Alkaline Water.
  • Reduces your water's electron millivolts (mv) charge, resulting in an ORP, or Negative Oxidation Reduction Potential. This makes your water the most antioxidant-rich liquid on the planet.
  • Platinum-coated titanium plates are used extensively in the ionization process.
  • Break up huge water clusters into smaller "micro-clusters" (4 - 6 molecules per cluster) to boost your body's hydration.
  • It works by turning your body into an alkaline condition, which makes it impossible for sickness and disease to thrive.
  • No chemical substance is used in this entire process.
Twister Technology:

Twister technology helps to reduce scaling with a twist in the polarity of the negative and positive poles. Twister technology results in auto cleaning of plates. Thus the machines do not require regular cleaning as the scaling of plates is eliminated in this process.


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