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About THE H Water

Our Products are sold all over India and we are working hard to expand our region and reach more individuals.

In recent years we have seen an awareness in the market for Healthy Water and demand for Pure and Clean Drinking Water. People have started becoming more cautious for a healthy life. This Pandemic has made people take their and their family’s health very seriously and increase the immunity of every person and keep everyone healthy.

With the same intention in mind, we have come up with this Wonder Product which will give you healthy water, will help control 57 diseases, and will keep your body and mind healthy.

We focus on innovation. Our R & D Department strives to meet client needs while also developing eco-friendly products. We continue to improve the use and trustworthiness of our products as well as the safety of Ionized Alkaline Water for human consumption.

Each THE H WATER Product is subject to strict quality control.

With your support, we shall change the way India drinks water.

The Uniqueness of THEH Water

THEH ionized water had a high negative ORP (Oxygen Reduction Potential).

This ORP produces more potent antioxidants that help prevent the growth of cell-damaging free radicals in the body, providing health benefits such as maintaining healthy bones and keeping enough water in our bodies.

ORP in water is a measure of whether the water we drink is oxidizing or reducing some other substance inside our body. A positive ORP result indicates that your drinking water is more contaminated. On the other hand, negative ORP readings show exactly the opposite. The more negative the ORP, the more resistant the water is to oxidation.

The ionization process reduces the size of the water cluster, which divides it by two-thirds and creates a hexagon. Wherein calcium and magnesium prevent hydroxyl ions of water molecules to help nutrients and minerals easily dissolve faster and provide water to the body, thus protecting the human body from premature aging.