Elephant is a Design led Innovation organization, solving complex challenges with focus on people and the future. We build brands, develop products, bring spaces to life and enhance experiences all while opening up opportunities and delivering ideas &a


Design that Saves Lives

The concept of Telemedicine is simple: the remote care of a patient by a doctor, via the application of technology and related techniques. Here, naturally, distance is the main challenge, which is also a benefit in disguise. In the age of COVID-19, where social distancing has become paramount, the concept of Telemedicine carries an immense weight.

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The only important thing about Design is how it relates to People

— Victor Papanek

The only important thing about Design is how it relates to People

— Victor Papanek

Why Choose Us?

We get repeat business from clients, some of whom have trusted us for more than 25 years. We enjoy strong and enduring relationships with our customers due to the following reasons:  

  • Thought-provoking designs:-  We create visually appealing and meaningful designs that are based on study of the client’s business and industry domain, along with competitive analysis.

  • Multi-industry expertise:- From Retail to Real Estate, Education to Entertainment and Tourism to Technology, we have a deep understanding of the design challenges across industry sectors.

  • On-time design delivery:- We stick to our commitment and fulfill you design demands – first time, every time.

  • Experienced in OOH Campaign Design:- We conceptualize and design result-focused OOH media campaigns that deliver superior returns.

  • Power of Packaging:- Our standout packaging designs for clients in the FMCG, food processing and other industries have been widely appreciated in the market.

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