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Delivering Lightweight Components with Complex Geometries for the Aerospace Industry

Fulfilling the Automotive Sector’s Demand for Cost-effective Parts with Quick Turnaround

Improving Productivity of Plastic Injection Moulds and Dies; Reducing Production Cycle Time by 20% to 30%

Facilitating Defence Production by Delivering Lightweight Components with High Strength Materials and Superior Durability

Enabling Integrated Functionality and Optimized Inventory for Oil & Gas Plants

Delivering Digital Spares for SPMs and Legacy Parts for Older Equipment

Manufacturing, Reimagined

Reduce Lead Time and Enhance Product Quality with Our Proven Additive Manufacturing Solutions

  • Setting up a mold or making a die may not always be the right way to create parts and products. Now break free from the limitations of traditional manufacturing!
  • Additive Manufacturing offers exciting possibilities for manufacturers, especially for small-batch production runs. At Innovae 3D, we enable entrepreneurs optimize operational performance and improve cost efficiencies across the value chain through our result-focused Metal AM solutions.
  • We are an ISO 9001 D Certified company, partnering with top OEMs across industry sectors to bring their ideas to life.

Accelerated Prototyping within 48 Hours!

Why waste many months when you can do it in just 2 days? We provide on-demand manufacturing solutions, backed by rapid prototyping, to get desired results.

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Switch to Additive Manufacturing;
Stay Ahead of the Pack

Benefit from Design-driven Production
Benefit from Design-driven Production

Achieve the desired functionality and design configuration for your product without being hampered by the manufacturing process.

Realize Radically New Geometries
Realize Radically New Geometries

Metal AM ensures incredible precision and the ability to deliver complex parts with undercuts or cavities.

Achieve Higher Competitiveness
Achieve Higher Competitiveness

Rapid prototyping, together with fast-paced production, enables entrepreneurs to reduce lead times and strengthen their go-to-market plans.

Reduce Wastage; Lower Energy Cost
Reduce Wastage; Lower Energy Cost

Efficiency is the hallmark of Additive Manufacturing, where only what is required gets utilized. This leads to reduced wastage and lesser energy consumption.

Leverage Design Consolidation
Leverage Design Consolidation

Now you can benefit from lighter, highly durable structures as integrating existing multi-part assemblies leads to a single, homogeneous and compact part.

Reduce Inventory Costs
Reduce Inventory Costs

On-demand printing eliminates issues such as overproduction and unsold finished goods, thereby bringing down the cost of holding inventory.

Why Choose Us

Benefit from Our Rich ‘Metalscape’ Legacy

Priding on the splendid legacy of the Unitherm Group, Innovae 3D brings a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience in multiple metal processes.

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Reduce Multi-vendor Dependency

With the entire Metal AM set up under one roof, (Pre-Printing, Printing and Post Printing), we provide one-stop solutions, leading to reduced cost and greater convenience.

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Ability of New Material Development

Backed by years of intensive R&D and our proven 5-stage process (Alloy Design & Study, Powder Production, Powder Characterization, AM Process, Thermal Treatment & Quality), we have the capability to formulate new materials with superior attributes.

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Quality Assurance

We conduct regular factory audits and inspections to ensure that highest quality standards are met while manufacturing your parts. Moreover, we have a dedicated team of Quality professionals in-house.

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IP Protection

We understand that for an innovative company, their IP is their USP. And we take every measure possible to ensure that your IP is protected at every step in the manufacturing process.

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Our facility is AS: 9100 Certified with stringent processes and guidelines in place to handle your requirements in the most efficient manner.

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A Canvas of Capabilities

Multiple Possibilities in Materials
  • Certified powder suppliers
  • New material development facility
  • Powder characterization facility
  • Standard practice of AS9100D to manage and control the quality
  • Standardized equipment for handling powder
Performance-driven Design
  • 3D Scanning and CAD Modeling
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • DfAM/DFM
  • Topology Optimization
  • Multi- scale Structure Design
  • Design Consolidation
  • AM Build Simulation
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Mold Flow Analysis
Proven Prolific Process
  • Standard Operating Procedures for Metal 3D Printing
  • Vacuum Heat Treatment
  • Cutting Machines and Tools
  • Post Machining
  • Grinding and Polishing
  • Abrasive Flow Machining
  • Abrasive Blasting
  • Micro Machining and Polishing
A Sharp Focus on Quality
  • CMM Inspection
  • Inspection with Calipers and Gauges
  • CAD comparison with scanning
  • Metallurgical Testing
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • 25+


  • 50+


  • 100+

    New Parts Printed

  • 100+

    Legacy Parts Recreated

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