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Going to the root of the pain, we help you find the perfect solution and treatment for your pains and aches, with our physiotherapy treatments. Post-operative care is the most important and finding the right treatment while recovering from an injury or a chronic condition is essential. At DhanwalaNaturo and Physio Care, our team of experts in physiotherapy and healthcare provide excellent quality care to the patients. Headed by the skilled, qualified and renowned Dr. Surbhi Dhanwala, we believe in holistic care through innovative approach while being deeply rooted in Ayurveda and Naturopathy. Drawing on extensive knowledge in physiotherapy and rehabilit1ation, and backed by a decade of service in providing quality care to the patients, we offer customized plans of fitness activities conditioned to improve the strength of specific muscles while improving overall stability. Accessing, diagnosing and treating conditions to make a positive difference.

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  • We save surgeries
  • We are experts in accurate diagnostics
  • We ensure pain-free life
  • We provide complete pain management therapies
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Complete with all the latest medical equipment and facilities, our team of skilled and dedicated physiotherapists take special care to provide varied customized treatments to address impairments, promote mobility and muscle function. We stay committed to providing ethical and affordable medical services at the highest quality standards.

Facilities available

  • Electrotherapy
  • Exercise Therapy
  • Pre and Post Surgery Rehabilitation
  • Non-surgical treatment

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